10 Celebs Who Accidentally Revealed Their Spanx.

As we zip up our little black dresses on Saturday night, we curse the cake we devoured the day before. We just finished sliding our spanks on underneath our dress and wish we were of celebrity status. We fantasize about the personal trainers and diet coaches, luxuries of the rich and famous. We wonder if celebrities have to tuck parts of themselves into tight spandex to banish the bulge trying to escape the tight confines of their bods. Television makes them look flawless and sleek, but below are 20 celebrities who accidentally revealed their Spanx!

This list not only captures the ongoing offenses of the Kardashian sisters, who seem to accidentally reveal their undergarments a little too often but also reveals the more quiet celebrities who were just trying look good. It’s nice to know that we’re not alone and that these celebrities, caught a bit off guard, are just like us: trying to enjoy a night out! Even with personal trainers and celebrity fitness coaches and programs, celebrities possess their own insecurities. We look at them and think they are just perfect, but are often surprised by what they do and what they have been hiding in order to roll out the red carpet ready at any given time.

1. Sporty Spanx.

Sporty, muscular and commanding of her audience, Serena Williams subtly sports her Spanx companion under her skirt. Although we are unable to see a glimpse of them, in the flesh, we have been able to depict a nice, perfect outline beneath her clothing, showing her short-styled Spanx beneath. Even with her very strong physique and amazing curves, Serena must feel it necessary to tuck her body in particular areas.

She still looks flawless as she holds her Australian Open trophy, that is nearly as tall as she is, as if it were made of paper. Make no mistake, Serena, you don’t fool us! We know there’s nothing you need to tuck under there. You look amazingly strong just as you are.

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