10. Drunk People Who Have No Clue What They Are Doing

It is said that alcohol converts a seemingly normal person into a monster. However, we beg to differ a little as we ample proofs to show that it forces people to do something really stupid.

People to whom we are featuring next are living examples of what we are saying. These people are not only doing something senseless while being drunk, but they are also totally oblivious to that fact. Maybe by the time, they would have realized their folly, the damage would already have been done. Goes on to justify that drinking is just not good for anyone.1) Jumping to doom.
This acrobat star just has no clue of what he is doing. Jumping from a height like that and that too when drunk shows the risk involved. Thankfully his friend photographed his action to show later and tell him how silly he can behave when drunk.

1. Yoga time at the wrong place

Probably these two drunk people thought by doing yoga they could convince the police that they are sober. Don’t know if the plan worked or not but it is quite evident that they are enjoying whatever they are doing. Only the next morning would have told him what happened the night before.

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