10.Hollywood Celebrities Who Went Too Far With Their Groping Pdas.

Being a celebrity is not an easy cake. It takes a lot, from taking complete care of your public appearance to being absolutely careful about the paparazzi. Paps tend to click the most uncertain pictures and we guess, that is why these 11 celebrities were caught doing things that go completely unnoticed. This list of pictures will show you your favourite celebrities caught in an inappropriate action, been mishandled, groped in public or even going all handsy in public. While these PDAs might seem absolutely sick, they have a funny side to them as well.

Moreover, who wouldn’t love catching celebrities going all handsy and getting to grips

1. Miley Cyrus was caught cupping Katy Perry.

Now, don’t we love how curvacious our favourite pop star Katy is? But only till we saw Miley cupping her curves and smiling for the camera. Looks like these girls have absolutely no idea of what they are doing.

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