10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods

Becoming pregnant and embracing motherhood is one of the most beautiful periods in every woman’s life. Nowadays, a pregnancy test is so simple but years ago when such tests were not discovered, things were different, different to such an extent that today you will consider them bizarre. It is hard to believe that people actually have used such weird methods to determine if a woman is pregnant. If you are already keen on learning about them then continue reading and discover the top 10 most bizarre pregnancy test methods ever.

10. The Ancient Egyptian Pregnancy Test Methods

Though this ancient Egyptian method of pregnancy test sounds weird today, it is similar to the present day test method to a faint extent. Women then would have to fill two bags, one with barely and the other with wheat, and would have to urinate on them daily. If both the bags germinated then it would show the woman is fertile and likely pregnant, and if none of them grew then the result was negative. Also, if wheat grew faster, then it would be a boy, and if barley grew quicker, then it would be a baby girl.

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