10 Most Shockıng On Stage Moments

A stage is such a beautiful place where awe- inspiring and amazing things happen in the form of interesting and compelling drama plays as well as concerts which instantly set the floors on fire! It is a place where delightful emotions like happiness and love could be felt. Additionally, apart from enjoyable moments and happiness, awkward and highly embarrassing moments also do take place very often. Though it is not that surprising for any one at all, for everyone knows that when famous singers step on the stage, some worth remembering moments are bound to happen, whether they make one happy or shameful while thinking about it. Weird? Weird.

Well, the people always come to enjoy the concert with these amazing singers, but such awkward moments and unforgettable actions of the performers in the form of showing explicitly the intimate relationship they are having with someone, or even if they do not have a relationship with someone, they may still do some highly embarrassing thing on stage in front of the crowd in order to gain some media attention and fan following, which is a little weird to a certain extent for everyone out there.

The rant on these moments may never end and no one will possibly forget this, but anyways, every does want to know about it! Let us consider these ten most awkward moments that occurred on stage while various singers gave their performances and at the same time made history in their own weird ways. *coughs*

10. Madonna and Drake

At the 2015 Coachella Music Festival, drake was busy in setting the stage on fire and in-between in his performance he decided to surprise the audience instantly by welcoming a surprise guest performer on stage. Suddenly Madonna appeared on the stage and the crowd got crazy by seeing her there with them. On the contrary, it was not the appearance of Madonna that astonished everyone immensely, but it was the way she grabbed drake’s head passionately after her performance and kissed him in front of the audience surprisingly. However, drake surprised people as well by wiping away annoyingly Madonna’s lipstick from his face. Disgusting? Umm, well maybe.

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