10. Truly Horrifying Forms Of Real Torture.

In a world where criminal offenses are becoming more complicated by the minute and the strict laws that protect us becoming more concrete, there isn’t much need for torture methods. However, before all these rules and principles were established, there were some really horrifying torture methods that were used on criminals, people who were to be interrogated, and even innocent people who refused to be oppressed. Well, either way, these torture methods are a part of our history and are often brushed off as fiction. So, here are the ten most horrifying torture methods of all time!

1. Scaphism.

The victim is inserted inside two back-to-back rowing boats or a hollowed out tree trunk. Victims would be forced to ingest milk and honey to the point where they would develop diarrhea. More honey would be rubbed all over the body to attract insects which would feed off the victim’s flesh and feces. The victim was continually fed to ensure their death wasn’t quick.


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