12 Lips Makeup Trends You Should Try This Year

There’s been a lot of interesting lip trends lately and some of them were ridiculous, some weren’t very practical, but quite a few were very interesting. Depending on how you view and use makeup you might hate or love them. If you’re more of a practical person that uses makeup to correct some flaws and highlight natural features, they’re probably not for you. However, if you view makeup as a form of art, a way to express your unique personality, show off your skills, or even just post some pretty impressive pics on Instagram – you might just want to give these a try.

12. Caviar Lips

This trend started with classic black and red colors, to imitate caviar, but quickly people started experimenting with other colors. And of course it’s not real caviar that’s used for this, instead all sorts of colorful 3d beads are used to get a similar effect.

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