13. Gorgeous Fitness Models On Instagram

Social media has given most well physique models an opportunity to inspire the people who are trying to build their fitness body. They have a large number of fans and followers and it is continually astounding to perceive how strongly and enthusiastically they prepare.

Just like men’s, women models have taken all over the internet. They have been working and practicing hard in the gym to post some sexy and beautiful images of their bodies and also encouraging the world to follow the strong diet, proper exercise, and mental devotion to achieve the perfect body.

13. Jennifer Nicole Lee (104K followers)

Jennifer Nicole Lee is famously known as fitness guru but apart from that she is an author as well as motivational speaker. During the 2nd pregnancy her weight was 200 lbs but after delivering 2nd kid she managed to lose weight approx. 70 pounds. 42 age model has experienced weight issues in her life and she doesn’t have any athletic past as well. But today Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the most motivated and fitness guru.

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