14 Crazy Jobs Celebs Had Before They Were Famous

They’re more like us than you think… or at least they were until they got famous and became royalty. When you look at your favorite stars of Hollywood now, it’s hard to imagine that once upon a time they lead a normal life and were in fact, just like us.

But it’s true! Before their rise to stardom, celebrities were doing everything they could to get by, and some of them were going to some pretty interesting lengths to get some money together.

1 Channing Tatum was a stripper

No wonder he was so good in Magic Mike. When Channing was 19, he started stripping for money and we definitely think he’d be good at it too.

He says he learned women were more often wanting a guy who was “willing to make a fool of himself” rather than a be a hot guy. Don’t know about you ladies, but I agree.

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