8 Things That Make A Woman Extremely Unattractive

There are certain things that work when it comes to attracting men. In lieu of impressing the man of your dreams, it’s helpful to know what men will find attractive in women, and what will have them fleeing out the back door. Often times, without realization, women lose hindsight of what is actually endearing to the opposite sex and will go overboard in their attempts to make an impression. Let it be playing with your partner’s hair, crossing the line between confident and cocky or not maintaining pristine hygiene- these are the things men will irrevocably find distasteful in every woman regardless.

1. Putting On Too Much Makeup

Women are generally fond of makeup and oftentimes, the idea behind is not to please men but for one’s own satisfaction, sure. But in an instance where a woman slathers on makeup in believing that this is what a man truly finds attractive, that is not the case. A little simplicity will go a long way. Men often will prefer women who are simple and look natural. So ladies, avoid slathering on tonnes of makeup because it might not work on luring the guy of your dreams.

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