9 Habits Build Trust in a Long Lasting Relationship

According to Mona Sutphen, most good relationships are build on mutual trust and respect. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But you would be surprised to know how many couples skip this basic and very important step when they begin their relationships. Love is integral, yes, but it cannot form a stable and healthy base on its own. And as for non-romantic relationships, such as those in business or the workplace, trust takes a different definition altogether. Studies have shown that trustworthiness is far harder to find in a business relationship than in a romantic relationship.

An educational psychologist, Nan S. Russell, defines, “(There) are various kinds of trust – confidence trust, competence trust, relationship trust, basic trust, authentic trust, organizational trust, self-trust, situational trust, and leadership trust – to name just a few.” While its forms and meanings vary, there is one definite truth: there are certain habits that build trust faster than other habits. Here they are:

9. Admit your mistakes

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone can admit them when they make them. They say, “The coverup is worse than the crime” and this is certainly true in a situation in which you intend to build trust with the other person. Do not lie or make excuses and know when to be humble and admit that you messed up.


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