These Are Some Of The Craziest Wedding Dresses Worn By Celebrities

Every bride-to-be wants to have the most fabulous, most gorgeous, most eye-popping wedding gown. Most women choose the conventional white classy dress, but when it comes to celebrity brides, it looks like they are not satisfied with having the “normal”wedding gown.

However, we all know that celebrities love being in the spotlight, so why would be any different for their wedding day. Of course, they would want the extra attention and the choice of the wedding dress is one way to do so. You will be amazed when you will see Kelis wearing a green down instead of the usual white one, or when you see that Pamela Anderson is not even wearing a gown but rather just a white bikini. And then again, it is not so surprising for Pamela.

1. Gwen Stefani


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