This Girl Was Passed Out Drunk and Her Friends Did THIS to Her—a Valuable Lesson for All Women!

Young girls (and boys) of today’s society try alcohol at a very early age, despite laws prohibiting it.

We sometimes see groups of teens getting drunk, and sometimes doing minor misdemeanours.

It is always advisable for girls to avoid getting drunk in the first place, but when worse comes to worst, many things can happen. Being intoxicated and left alone can attract a lot of sexual predators—and almost always lead to something more terrifying: rape. Many people think that rape involves force. Intoxicated women on the other hand, have no strength to defend themselves.

This extremely intoxicated woman’s photos went viral on social media, after a Facebook page shared the said photos. In the series of photos, a woman in a red dress was visibly drunk that she could no longer control her own actions.

Her friends pulled a prank on her and took pictures of her in various positions in different places, and even let her hold a broom in one photo. She was passed out drunk and she probably doesn’t know what was happening, but it was a funny prank for her friends.

Though many netizens were criticizing the woman for drinking above her limit and being irresponsible, other netizens slammed the people behind the photos, saying they should’ve respected the unnamed woman’s privacy.

Nevertheless, this article aims to warn party-goers, especially women, NOT to drink more than they can handle. Is the woman to blame here? Tell us what you think!


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