Top 10 Most Expensive US Cities To Live In

US the land of fame, technology, business, high-rise building, waterfront apartments and the list goes on and on. Living in the US is everyman’s dream, a place of paradise. Yet dwelling in the kingdom of heaven is not that pocket-friendly as it seems. Although too pricey for the living still it is a place where people with a like-minded lifestyle want to be.

With a stable job and decent budgeting, city living is quite possible for many. Let’s find out with this top 10 list of most outrageously expensive US cities to live in 2018.

10. Dallas, TX

Living in Dallas along with your pet dog or cat can cost heavily on your pocket. Yes!!! It will charge you $300 for a pet fee and another $300 for pet deposit. The economic opportunity in this city fetches thousands of people coming here every day. If you are planning to buy a property in Dallas the average annual spending of a Dallas resident can cost you $80,452. On the other side, the average annual housing cost is $28,416 and the average annual taxes paid are $11,686. The suburbs in Dallas assumed that even a decent place cost a person thousand bucks a month and additional bills. Dallas has been the hub of industry, so it attracts more job seekers to relocate in this city.


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